Monday, April 12, 2010

Webinars this week

As you build your personal learning network, you'll find that webinars are a good way to get ideas on who to use these technologies in teaching and learning. Classroom 2.0 and The Future of Education provide a series of weekly webinars on a rage of topics conducted by people from all over the world. Sometimes it is a famous author like Daniel Pink or Ken Robinson talking about their work. Other times it is practitioners sharing their experiences. Sometimes you learn as much from the chat backchannel going on during the presentation. The entire schedule can be found at

In light of our recent discussions, you might want to check out these:

Tuesday, April 13 3pm CDT (US) :
MSP2 SERIES: “Google Apps for Educators" with Rachel Lacy.

Wednesday, April 14 2pm CDT (US):
EDUCATION FOR A DIGITAL WORLD: “Adventures in Virtual Collaborative Authoring” with
Sandy Hirtz and Dr. Kevin Kelly.

Wednesday, April 14 2:30pm CDT (US):
EDUCATION FOR A DIGITAL WORLD: “Immersive Gameworlds for World-Wide Change” with
Natasha Boskic. Video and computer games in the context of contemporary educational practice.

All you do is go to the link a few minutes early, download the software and listen in. For most of them, you can ask questions either through the chat or with a mic at the end.

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