Monday, April 12, 2010

Google for Teachers

Joyce Valenza, in her blog NeverEnding Search, shared links to a free document called Google for Teachers. It doesn't focus on common uses of GoogleDocs, but instead looks at some of the less well-known tools and different ways to use the common ones.


  1. One thing noted in this document is that there is an editor for match teachers:

    "Equations & Subscripts
    Google Docs contains an equation
    editor for mathematics teachers
    and students. Google Docs also
    offers a subscript and superscript
    tool that can be used in writing
    chemical compounds and
    mathematics equations.
    The equation editor, subscript, and
    superscript tools make it possible
    for math and science teachers and
    their students to use Google Docs
    for more of their document
    creations. With these three tools
    online collaborative document
    creation isn't limited to the
    humanities. Science and
    mathematics students can also
    collaborate to solve equations."

  2. Thank you for bringing my attention to the equation tab. I remember seeing it under insert but it did not apply to what I was working on at the time. It will help me in creating activities for my class in Google Docs.