Friday, June 19, 2009

Setting up your own blog

Everyone should have a blog set up by the end of the week. Make sure to post your blog URL and the email you use to the discussion group. Four more things you'll want to do:

1. Go to Customize tab and then Settings. Under Comments, either allow Anyone to comment or Only Registered Users. If you do the latter, you will have to add all of us by email addresses (see picture 1).

  • Only Registered Users: if not logged in already, visitors will be prompted to log into Blogger before leaving a comment. If they don't have an account, they can create one.

  • Anyone: anybody in the whole wide world can leave comments

2. Under Permissions, allow anyone to view the blog.

3. Set up a page on something like iGoogle, My Yahoo, NetVibes, or PageFlakes so that you can follow the blogs of each of your classmates and me. Put in the URL of each blog to follow it.

4. Go into each blog, read the posts, comment on at least one posting in each, and add yourself as a Follower by clicking the Follow button in each.


  1. Have my blog set up, Eileen, but still having some problems getting the RSS Slim Reader to work on my iGoogle page. Will keep working on it. Have enjoyed using this tool so far, but I can feel a Facebook "fade" in the future. I started out checking my fb page several times a day, but that was too much maintenance, so now it's more like once a week. These tools are fun but require time. I will be interested to see if I can stay more on top of managing a Twitter account.

  2. I'm forcasting that we'll come up with something that puts everything we want to follow in one place and we can divide personal and professional things. I find I have to make myself look at Twitter just once a day (the same thing I have to currently do with email) and look at the RSS feeds at least once a week. Like one of the PLN articles said, you start out with way to much and have to winnow it down. I think that's probably one of the skills we need to teach our students and teachers -- information management.